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Daisy's House offers a neutral and safe place to reconnect with your child/ren and put into practice the strategies learnt through our parenting course.

We understand that things are not always as clear cut as they should be, to this end we provide trained, empathetic professionals. 


Contact usually takes place within our centre.   

The property has a unique environment.   

Nestled amongst the mountains and surrounded by bushland only 5 minutes drive from Northgate

Shopping Centre, it has an art shed, small children's play area, professional music equipment, adventure playground and much more.

We have a barbeque and food prep area. 

The focus is on your child connecting with those who are significant to them in a safe environment.


We understand that supervision is often court ordered, and many parents find it difficult, we encourage parents to ask questions and communicate with us.  


We can do in community supervision in certain circumstances.


To register for our next parenting course or for enquiries about availability times at

  Daisy's House,  application forms etc,

 please contact us on:

Phone: 0413379895

or email:

OUR role and vision


"Our vision is to empower children and parents to negotiate the tricky paths in life. We believe that prevention is the first course of action in keeping our children safe and that knowledge empowers us as parents to make good decisions for the well being, health and protection of our children." 

J Collins - Founding Director

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